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Judy Doomed Us All was created by Rat Queen Theatre Company. Book & Lyrics by Molly Bicks, Carsen Joenk, Reed Northrup and Raquel Loving.

Music by Nathan Leigh, Graham KG Garlington, J.L. Marlor, and Viraj Gandhi


In a fictionalized 1987, Nancy Reagan is touring the country visiting small crime-ridden towns for a transparently puffy P.R campaign. Judy takes place on the fourth of July, when a tornado traps  Nancy and her speechwriter, Anthony Dolan, in a particularly unsavory town forcing them to reckon with the 'degenerates' they have always condemned at a distance. There, they meet Judy, a rowdy twelve year old attempting to understand what growing up means when your resources are limited. Could she ever be like Nancy Reagan and inhabit a world full of red pants suits and social power? Or is she fated to end up like her sister,  Gertie, an erratic but loving party girl who lives in a dilapidated drug house outside of town? Rounding out the story is Judy’s best friend and future archaeologist Blinker, Scarecrow, a conspiracy theorist, Kitty Kelly, the famed gossip columnist, Dorothy, an ambitious drag performer, and Cornfield Kenny, a local radio DJ. The piece examines what occurs when class lines are defined in the midst of a statewide-emergency.


Over the course of three years, RQTC developed the story and music of JUDY and presented the show at New Ohio’s Ice Factory Festival in 2019.  Learn more about the developmental stages of Judy at Rat Queen's 


New Ohio Theatre, July 2019


Producer |  J. Mehr Kaur 

Director   | Carsen Joenk 

Associate Producer | by Non Kuramoto

Script Direction |  Molly Bicks  

Dramaturg | Linnea Valdivia

Music Director | Sequoia Sellinger

Stage Manager Ciara Cornelius

Scenic Designer | Meredith Pence - Wilson 

Costume DesignerMari Taylor

Lighting Designer | Cheyenne Sykes

Sound Designer | Travis Wright 


Photos by Valerie Terranova 

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